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  XSitePro 2 website design software review XSitePro 2 web page building software review
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NEW! XSitePro 2.5 website design software review


It's more than just a web page design program ...
  calling it the "XSitePro 2.5 web page builder" sells it short ...


The New XSitePro 2.5 is a complete website building solution.

XSitePro 2.5 overview.

"XSitePro 2.5 web page builder software", as it's sometimes called, is selling this product short. It is a complete web site builder software that allows anyone to create a website, without having to learn html programming. You do not need to be a guru, geek or webmaster, or know anything at all about programming to create great looking, functional websites. XSitePro goes way beyond just creating individual web pages and web sites, it also includes powerful features for organizing and managing multiple groups of websites.


In fact, XSitePro 2.5 is like the swiss army knife web of web site building software. There's a tool in it that makes it easy to do just about any website creator task you're likely to do.


I've been using the XSitePro web design software since version 1 was released in 2005. I was looking for a website builder that was flexible, quick to learn and easy to use (and inexpensive!), and that's exactly what it was. Version 2 of the XSitePro web design software was even better and now version 2.5 continues to improve an already impressive product.


The first thing I did when I got version 1 of the XSitePro web design software was the tutorial. Printing it first helped since I had only a single narrow screen monitor at the time. The tutorial covered all the basics of creating a simple website - including, and this REALLY IMPRESSED me, uploading the website you build in the tutorial to an XSitePro test server to see it working live! Yes, you can build and test your website (tutorial or otherwise) without having to own a domain and have a hosting account set up first.


When I upgraded to version 2 I did a complete run through of the new tutorial, and had the tutorial website up and running on their test server in about 45 minutes. Even if you're an absolute beginner - brand new to website building - you'll really appreciate the completeness of the instructions and how quickly you can see your results up and working. No exaggeration… you could come home after work and buy, download and install the XSitePro website design software and be finished the tutorial - with your tutorial website uploaded and running - before bedtime!


Just do not skip the tutorial... you'll end up spending much more time later looking for all those basics you would have learned quickly during the tutorial.


XsitePro templates and ready-to-use clipart images are included.

A huge selection of XSitePro templates is included, and many more are available from Intellimon and elsewhere on the web. Also included are all sorts of graphics and clipart images for arrows, bullets, buttons, etc. You can add in others any time you want too if you simply copy them into appropriate folder of the XSitePro installation on your hard drive.


XSitePro templates now include many with the modern "web 2.0" look. If you have a graphics editing program you can customize the templates or create your own from scartch too. XHeader (also by Intellimon) is a really simple & super quick program to create customized web page header graphics with.


Here's a really nice feature of the way XSitePro uses templates... you can select a new website template design for your website anytime (from one screen) and every web page you've used it on AUTOMATICALLY changes. So lets say you have a site with 300 or 400 pages of content and you want to give it a new look. It only takes a few mouse clicks to do it.


The XSitePro 2.5 website design software works offline and builds the entire site on your own hard drive. Important if you're on a low speed connection or trying to conserve bandwidth. When you're ready, then you upload it to a webserver using the built-in ftp utility. A couple of clicks and you're done. Any work you do to your website is always done to the copy on your hard drive, then uploaded to your webserver. If you wanted to change your webhosting to a new provider you can upload your site to a new host in just minutes.


Page Layout.

Page layout is made simple with a WYSIWYG editor - it's easy to see exactly what you're creating as you build it. A preview button allows you to view your new XSitePro page layout in your web browser without having to publish it to a web server first. Your final check of the layout will of course be from your web server after you've published your work. A word of advice... check your page layouts with as many different browsers as you can, just to make sure everything looks good in them all. Sometimes things that look great in one browser just don't display as nicely in another.


Copy an existing site with XSitePro 2.5.

Want to duplicate a site that you've already built? It's copy 'n paste EASY. I can take a site I've already built with XSitePro, copy it, make the changes to keywords, content and appearance (apply a different template) and I have a complete new site ready to publish. If you're going to need to do this frequently, you can even save your site design as a template...


Create your own XSitePro website templates design.

Need a special purpose template so that you can produce a group of similar specialty sites? XSitePro allows you to do your own customized website templates design. Start from scratch or by changing an existing similar template, and saving it as your new website template.


Search Engine Rankings features, including Siloing, are built in.

If you are concerned with search engine ranking there's a wizard to guide you through optimizing your new website. This should make your site better search engine optimized than 90+ % of what's out there, without you having to be an SEO guru or having to hire one. Run the search engine rankings wizard, review the suggested changes, then make the changes you want. It's like having a built-in consultant for on-page SEO.


Newly added in v2.5 are tags (like you see in blogs). They're SEO gold becuase they include a behind-the-scenes, automatically created, site map style index page for each tag word (your keywords). This means extra pages of unique, highly relevant, auto-generated content to improve your site rankings.


Google sitemaps (xml sitemaps for search engines) and robots.txt files.

XSitePro will create and maintain both a "search engine friendly" xml sitemap and a robots.txt file if you choose. If search engine rankings are a priority you'll create both. Wizard driven choices & simple explanations make it easy.


Navigation menus and sitemaps.

Navigation menus and sitemaps are automatically created by XSitePro. Both static menus and and active javascript-based navigation menus are possible. Wizard driven choices allow your navigation menus and sitemaps to be customized to your choice of appearance. Where you want the navigation menus to display is also your choice - top, bottom, left side, right side or any combination of your choice. An optional "bread-crumb trail" creation feature is also built in. Just click to enable it (or not) and decide where to display it.



Don't miss this great opportunity!
This is where you can enter instructions for the person filling out the form. The space will grow or shrink depending on how much text you want to enter.
This is one of many template form choices.


Forms wizard.

A custom forms wizard is a right click or menu button away. The forms wizard has some presets to make it really simple to integrate commonly used auto responders, like Aweber.

Build your own squeeze pages just like the pro marketers do. No expensive extras, like premium themes & custom plug-ins are required - it's already all built in. 

Adding custom scripts into XSitePro websites.

You can install custom scripts easily by following menu selections and simply pasting in the script. Whether it's custom script on just one page or a requirement on every page, it's just a quick selection box check and easy to do.



Inserting advertising like Google Adsense with XSitePro.

It's easy...


XSitePro RSS Syndication features. 


Example RSS feed. This feed is from        Intellimons XSitePro press release page.

Yes, you can embed incoming rss news feeds into your site. Just like this. 


You can aslo create your own out-going rss feeds. This is invaluable for internet marketers!

The outgoing feed for this page is at the top right of this webpage, but I could place it anywhere, or in multiple places. Here it is again with a different icon:  XSitePro 2 web page building software review



Affiliate sites.

All the features outlined above combine to make XSitePro an especially good

website design tool for affiliate site building. Affiliate sites can be rapidy created,

affiliate links and advertizing inserted and published.


Groups of affiliate sites (or any sites) can be organized together as a single project within XSitePro. Keywords entered for a project are automatically included in all new affiliate sites created within the project. This is a timesaving functional & organizational benefit of using XSitePro for affiliate site building.





New in XSitePro v2.5 is a stupidly simple wizard to insert ClickBank affiliate product ads like these.





Social Commenting and User Feedback with XSitePro. 



Point 'n click integration of Facebook "Like" and Twitter "Tweet" buttons is built right in. Right-click, select social-media, click, click & its done.


To allow user commenting XCommentPro [available seperately] integrates perfectly, and other users report success using other "add-in" social commenting scripts. I've added social commenting at the bottom of this page using XCommentPro, so you can see an example of it at the bottom of this page.


If you'd prefer to use Facebook commenting you could paste in the code snippet [available free from Facebook] for that instead. 


Site search capability using XSitePro.

XSitePro has the ability to generate it's own site search like this one. Text, colors, form and button styles, etc., are all customizeable.


Alteratively, copy n paste Google's site search code instead. It's dead easy:












Advanced user features using css page design.

XSitePro uses css page design as a clean and efficient way of producing the html code for a website. It seperates a lot of the graphic appearance controls from the content of the site (which makes it "cleaner" for the search engines to index properly). It also allows us to do neat graphic things... since "transparent" is a valid css page design attribute. In css, "transparent" is a valid color, just like red or green. This is sometimes useful to work with when you want to achieve a particular graphics effect.


You don't actually need to know anything about css, or even understand anything about it. XSitePro just "takes care of it" for you.


Pop-up, pop-in, pop-under capabilities in XSitePro.

  <== Click the image for a "lighbox" style popup demo.

All built in. Wizard & menu driven for simplicity.


XSitePro 2.5 Review Summary.

XSitePro does a VERY capable job of all the aspects of website building, and then some. You do not have to know anything about html to use it. To create more complex sites though, you will need to educate yourself just a bit, and then you'll usually discover that XSitePro has a simple way to do what you want it to do. When I had to add some php scripts to one of my sites it only took a few minutes to figure out how to implement it into the webpage. If you can't figure it out yourself odds are you'll find someone in the users forum who already has, so don't waste time - look there first.


If you require anything better than the "free sitebuilder" that your website hosting account (maybe) offers, then XSitePro is probably for you. If you have any plans to produce lots of websites, then you owe it to yourself to give XSitePro a try.


It flat-out works and you'll be amazed at how fast you can have your first website up and running with it. Your subsequent sites will go up even faster.


Check it out for yourself at http://www.xsitepro.com/ and see if it’s right for you too. What I've covered here is only a small fraction of the capabilities of this great website building software.


Roy Cobden 

XSitePro user since 2005

Disclosure: If you decide to buy XSitePro after following a link on this page, I may receive a commision. 


This very plain & simple website was built with XSitePro 2.5. Watch the video below to see some great looking examples of artisticly designed sites that were also made using XSitePro.

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